Melty Crayon Catastrophe- Part 2

So if you didn’t catch the PART 1 post yesterday, you can find it [HERE] to play catch-up.

Sorry for the suspense, but the post was soooo long. I had to leave you hanging. It was fun imagining my catastrophe though right?

So this was one of those frustrating moments where I just needed to walk away. During nap time I was able to become Heidi again, and not the scary, screamy, crazy mommy that the psycho children turned me into. I had a thought.

You ever hear the saying, “If all else fails READ THE DIRECTIONS?”

It dawned on me that I was approaching this project like a guy, LOL, and sorry hubby. <<<Who needs directions, I know where I’m going…….hours later staring at the same street sign you know you just saw 20 minutes ago>>> I needed to do some research. What was I doing wrong? I went BACK to the drawing board, or my Pinterest board and followed the links to see how other people were doing this. My first mistake was probably peeling the papers. It looks like the papers are what actually seem to hold the crayons to the board. But no one discusses this as far as I have seen on Pinterest, it is purely my assumption, but DUH me, I just HAD to be different. Second, the glue stick. The other people used hot glue. Holy crap. Seriously? Why didn’t I think of this??? Someone please smack me I’m beginning to feel really dumb.

Third…My hair dryer sucks. I’ve come to this conclusion. It works fine for my hair, but melting crayons? Not so much. This is where my phone call comes in.

Me: Hi, do you still have a heat gun?

Hubby: Yes.

Me: Is it here (meaning home) or there at work?

Hubby: I have it here (at work).

Me: Could I borrow it? PLEASE???

Hubby: Yesss.

Yay! That was my biggest problem. So my hubby comes home for lunch and brings me this awesome little tool. It reminded me of the scene in Meet the Fockers where Greg brings the missing cat back to the family. The cat that wasn’t really their cat, but still it was the heroic-like scene played in slow-mo, the hero walks up the driveway with the beloved item in his hand. My hubby, my hero. Heehee, sorry for the cheese guys!

Anyhoo—-Looks like a hair dryer but comes with big warnings. He says, be very careful this is meant for melting plastic. Oh jeez!

I just thought this was funny, but obviously necessary….You know someone out there was bound to do it.

Glad I wasn’t using a plastic frame or this really would have been catastrophic!

So now that I read the directions I still had to make this my own. I am not happy with the idea of leaving the papers on, I just don’t like the look of it. Sure maybe it will hold onto the page better, but I’m determined to make this work….MY WAY. I took all the crayons on the small canvas and hot glued them to the page this time. Then I got even smarter and brought my art easel up from the basement [DUH] instead of sitting on the floor with this thing laid out on a cereal box. This was just brilliant. I covered the floor with newspaper because this wax splatters A TON. ****quick tip*** My kitchen floor is tile. Any wax that splatters on the tile (outside of the paper zone) comes off easily with a straight edged razor blade. 2 minute clean up, scrape and sweep. Done.

Moving on.

I began to heat up the wax.

I melted in my little broken piece. I was LOVING this little heat gun! In seconds I could see the crayons start to sweat and drip. SWEET! I played with the different directions, letting the crayon splatter versus letting it drip. This heat gun even had a cold feature (well cool) and so I could heat up the wax and then cool them down as they dripped exactly where I wanted them. Oh THIS IS WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT!!

Do you see now how I like to do things different? This is probably NOTHING like what you pictured, but it is exactly what I pictured. It doesn’t resemble crayons anymore and I love that! I realized that as I was doing this that I may have made some mistakes in the beginning, but ultimately it lead me in the direction I wanted to go anyway. There really is no WRONG way to be artistic. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

TA-DA!!!!!! My masterpiece!!!
I love the colors all mushy and blurry
Up close and personal….I waved the heat gun around in circles to get the swirly marbled thing going. LOVE IT

Oh and this is my catastrophe masterpiece on my wall:

Yes I had to hang it sideways, just to be different. But I liked it this way!

But wait. I’M NOT DONE!!! It gets better. I still had one more canvas ready to go and the kids were still napping. SWEET! Let’s go for it.

Melty Crayon Catastrophe, TAKE TWO:

A new beginning

Can you see where I’m going with this one? I was so excited!

So I started melting away. Again some of the crayons were still breaking apart and falling off my page, but whatever. This is my art and I wanted to run with it. If there is one thing I learned about art: YOU CANNOT BOX ART. I like to let art tell me what to do. Whenever I try to force something the way I did the first time, it NEVER works.

So this is what I had going on. I’m in love in love (again).

Another melty mess! YAY!

And the total picture upon completion…

Another masterpiece!

It reminds me of the spin art we used to do as kids at the fair. I had another brilliant idea when I saw this….My daughter has a little pottery wheel. I wonder if it would work for spinning melty crayon art??? Oh this I may have to try!

Back to finishing up my second piece before I start a third…..

I liked it when it was done. But I wasn’t sold on it. I don’t know why, something in my gut said I wasn’t happy. Why I can’t really tell you. I loved it, kinda, and then not so much. Something was missing. So I went to bed that night thinking it needs something else.

So I slept on this thought. Much like taking a break in writing when you have writer’s block, I do the same with art. I woke up with the same gut feeling that something was missing and I knew just what to do.

and the madness continues….

I think there was too much white space. I needed more color. I needed more melty yumminess. I started gluing more crayons on in the spaces in-between the melted crayons, and where broken ones had fallen off. I glued more above the already melted ones in the little semi-circles. I broke off pieces that were coming off and re-glued them where I wanted them.

Then I melted some more……. and more…… and more….

When pieces fell off, I got smart this time. I took wax paper and stuck them back on.

Wax on, wax off! Or should I say wax OFF, wax ON…haha

Stay crayon  stay! This is also where I had a lot of fun with the cool button. I took a melty messy chunk of crayon and mashed it back to my page, then cooled it right where I wanted it. Then I went and melted it again. Haha! So much fun! I have the power!

YES finally I’m getting somewhere!

And here is the final.

Yay me!!!
close up….
and another close up view.

See art doesn’t have to be perfect, but this is my perfect. I took a complete catastrophe and turned into awesomeness. Yes, some may still call it a mess, as it is quite abstract. All I have to say to that is, well, it took people many years to enjoy Picasso too.

<<<Quick tid-bit here—- A little off subject but I have to share. It’s kind of the moral to the story here. I was given an abstract art assignment in my sophomore year of high school. It was a fabulous mess. It took me a long time, well planned and thought out. But my teacher didn’t get it so he marked me down on it. He said it was too abstract and didn’t resemble the original. Is that even possible??? To be too abstract??? I never thought in a million years that art could be marked WRONG… I was extremely discouraged and heartbroken. There is nothing a person can do wrong when it comes to art. It is like being graded poorly for your opinion, (I had a teacher that used to do this too, irritated the crap outta me).You can’t do that!!!! It’s an opinion, a point of view, and there is nothing wrong in that. Period. I was so upset with my teacher. Sorry Noonan, but you missed my vision. >>>>

I just wanted to throw that in because it took me a long time to get over this. I have learned to never let anyone get you discouraged over art. It’s yours and you do with it what you make of it. If many of the famous artists let people discourage them into discontinuing their work we wouldn’t have many of the famous pieces of art in history we have today. I love the impressionists era. Renoir is my absolute favorite artist. Monet is probably my second. Society didn’t like the begining of this blurry view of life. These artists didn’t give up. They persevered, just like I do with my work.

A few lessons learned here. First, don’t let anybody get you down over your artwork. Stand tall and be proud if you like it.

Second, just because a project uses crayons does NOT necessarily mean it was meant for children. My older kids maybe, my 3 year old, no way. I got splattered with hot wax a few times, and I would never let him use the heat gun. It’s too hot and dangerous for him.

Third, I could say read the directions. That was actually my first thought, but no, I dance to the beat of my own drum. In all honesty I would not have discovered this melty mess if I followed directions. My art would look like everyone else’s. This is how I have come by many Clever Catastrophes. I tend to use the term catastrophe interchangeably with masterpiece if you haven’t already picked up on that.

Picture-perfect locked in a box—-is not for me!  I discovered something new. I took the road less traveled by…

Thanks Robert Frost.

—– and thanks Mr. Pearson for drilling that poem into me.

What about your art?  Have you come by anything artistic accidentally? Have you made a complete mess only to turn around and realize that you liked your mistakes?  Have you turned a catastrophe into beautiful works of art?


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6 thoughts on “Melty Crayon Catastrophe- Part 2

  1. You don’t know how many crayons I have at home. I saw a guy who put unwrapped crayons in his glue gun and melted them that way onto canvas or whatever. I may try it this summer with the kids. Isn’t that cool? I think he normally uses the thing you have but he was doing it at the kids’ school and used the glue gun because it didn’t get as hot, or messy apparently. Fun!

    1. The glue gun idea is pretty neat! I’ll have to try it with one of the cheapo little glue guns as I would imagine it could get quite messy!!!
      Also- we have one of those crayola Crayon makers— super cool! BUT they take FOREVER like 20 minutes to make 2 crayons….. I was thinking about melting them in the oven much like I did the beads for the Beaddazzled sun catcher. What about melting crayons in non- stick muffin tins??? Making round crayons? 🙂 hmmm… I’ve also made candles out of old crayons too…. It’s neat!!! Maybe I’ll have to make a post about those too. Happy crayon melting!

  2. YOU ARE AMAZING! I just found your blog (linked over from Suzy’s Sitcom on the melted bead sun catchers) and had to stay and play in your pen with you. I LOVE the classic Rainbow crayon melt look taking over the web, and someday will try it with all the crayons I have been hoarding. It will probably end up reminiscent of your versions, so I hope I take it as well as you do. I ended up loving the diagonal lines from your second piece, and enjoying (not loving) the mushy melted colors from your first piece, so I have quite a lot to think about.

    A hint I read: Crayola brand crayons really do melt better, and are THE BEST for masterpieces. “Worth the cost” was the way one blogger put it.

    After enjoying the MB sun catchers (and your STYLE and PERSONA) I checked out ALL ABOUT ME(YOU). HEY! I think we must be TWIN DAUGHTERS OF DIFFERENT MOTHERS! (Dan Fogelberg & Tim Weisberg titled their duo album Twin Sons Of Different Mothers back in the 70’s, so I thought I could paraphrase it…) I recognized some of the stories and confessions and insights you have had. Are you sure you haven’t been reading my journal?

    I’ll be checking in with you to see what’s new, so keep up the good PLAY, okay? I like your take on ART!

    Thanks for sharing your art and yourself!

    Cool that you hung your obviously vertical art horizontally. Quirky, but cool. I would say you march to a VERY different drummer!

    Stay true.

    1. Oh thank you so much for all of your kind words! I do march to the best of my own drum, and I think some people don’t “get” me. 🙂 It makes me skip a little to hear when someone finally does! I know there are people out there who do— so I just keep plugging along knowing I will find my people. 🙂
      I HAVE heard that crayola’s do better than the cheapos…. Maybe I shouldn’t have been cheap huh? I still have yet to try it with Crayola…. But it still turned out unique compared to all the streamline crayon art on Pinterest. As pretty as it all is, I’m still happy mine turned out quite different!

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