Hands on the Arts

Sheesh it feels like forever since my last blog post! I couldn’t fight it any longer. I’ve had this draft sitting here since Monday and well I couldn’t get my act together for the life of me!  My sincere apologies….it’s a little nutty around here. But I’ve been hearing this from other bloggers as well, so I’m glad I’m not the only one. The end of the school year is FINALLY here, and apparently the summer heat too. I’ve been so busy with the end of school things, kids performances, last days, and parties. Now I can take a breath. No wait—-I’ve got baby showers up the wazoo, so I’m working on projects for those, and I have to keep the big kids busy now too. This will be a fun filled crafty bloggy summer that’s for sure. I have so many great things upcoming to share with everyone! So please stay tuned… 🙂

Anyhoo, back to the real blog post.

This past weekend was Father’s Day, so happy belated Father’s Day to all the daddies out there. Where would we be with out you? 😉

So on Sunday my mother-in-law called me because she was working at a craft show here on the Cape. (She is a FABULOUS artist by the way – just thought I would mention that). She says you should bring the kids down. They have a tent set up with all kinds of crafts for the kids to do. AND ITS FREE. I said, FREE??? OK, I’m there!

I love to go to craft shows anyway. I love the inspiration. Sometimes I buy and sometimes I browse, but either way I love to enjoy the artistic feeling that comes over me. I can’t wait to go home and make something myself.

Pay no attention to the peeps in the pic I just wanted to take a picture of the windmill and the tents. 😉

Inside the big craft tent the kids played with clay, mosaicing, beading, and a few other things.  They made all kinds of things that they could take home, and again it was all free. I spoke with some of the artists and apparently the town puts on this show every year with grant money. So nice that they do this for the kids!

Sebastian painting seashells

Just a bunch of giant seashells on a table, a few buckets of paint, and Sebastian was as happy as a clam—pun intended, HAHA!

Making a necklace with beads and seashells.

He made a necklace for himself and I put one together for Shelby.

Shelby ate hers.

Hannah working with clay
Spencer with clay
Hannah’s clay horse
Hannah’s mermaid
Awe, Shelby…

Sebastian really enjoyed the mosaics. It’s just an old plate, tile grout, shells and marbles. So cute and he was really proud of himself!  This was something I never really thought of with the kids, I don’t know why not, it’s so easy! We tried making some stepping stones for Mema’s birthday once (not here at the craft fair, this was last year) and they came out cute, but then they cracked and started falling apart….so I still have yet to re-do that one. Sorry Mema…we’ll get that done soon!

Ok, ok, so enough with the pictures right? I still had more to share, but I can only share so much right?

I am just so thrilled with this craft fair though I just had to share as much as I could! Next year we will be there again, that’s for sure! For those of you locals –its the “Hands on the Arts Festival” at the Windmill Green in Eastham, MA. I’ve driven by it a million times….thank goodness we stopped there this year!

Were there any craft fairs near you this weekend? Have you ever been to a fair like this where the kids get hands on entertainment for free? What do you like to see at the craft fairs?

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