I’m back and I’m flapping free! Ok, so maybe I’ve watched Fern Gully one two many times in the last few weeks, but the TV is ALWAYS on around here lately. With my hubby out of work on disability due to an arm injury (had surgery on a torn biceps tendon) I can’t seem to get that TV to turn off, it magicaly keeps turning itself back on.

Anyhoo, back to my plan of attack here, me being back! Can you believe it has been 3 months since my lastpost? I bet you are wondering what the heck happened to me….Some of you probably think I fell off the face of the earth. Well I didn’t, in fact I have been incredibly busy, (per usual?) Honestly my biggest issue for the lack of blog posts had nothing to do with being busy, I see so many bloggers who are INSANELY busy and still find time to blog so I have no excuses there. My issue has been lack of computer!

A few months ago, I had a Calgon take me away moment, I really needed a break and I should have walked away, but I didn’t. My kids were going completly nutty, I was deperately trying to finish up something on my computer. The big kids were fighting, probably over something stupid like what shade of blue the sky was that day, and the little kids were screaming and playing some amazing super hero-like game bouncing off the furniture into the walls and windows—–its amazing I survived this fiasco. Unfortunately my computer didn’t. I lost control of my extremities for 13 seconds, yup that’s all it took for me to slam my laptop close, yup, yup, yup, I slammed it shut, cursed at it like it was a bad bad girl, smacked it one more time, (or twice it was kind of a blur at this point) but I smacked it again I think just to make sure it was shut nice and tight.

I had enough.

After calming the kids down, and myself I crawled back to my poor computer and attempted to see if it still functioned. I opened it up and the lights came on, I could hear the fan running. Yay it was going to work! Thennnnn nada. Blank screen. I tried starting, restarting, shutting down, on and off, open and closed. Nada. then I just sat and cried for an hour. How could I be so stupid?! How could I lose control like that?! UGH. I never do crap like this. Just proves that I’m only human.

So then I finally called my computer genius brother and he flew over when he had the chance to see if he could mess with it. He got into it a little deeper than I could and concluded that I smacked the Windows right out of it. He said he could see the hard drive and everything about the computer but it wouldn’t let him tell it what to do. So he took my computer home to see if he could reconfigure it. Yeah, not my luck. I screwed up big time. Turns out it needed a whole new hard drive, not just new Windows. 😦 I cried some more. Our budget around here is so tight these days, I just couldn’t spend the money on the hard drive.

We finally got the hard drive from my hubbys old computer (another FRY disaster, NOT my fault—-hubby brought it to work and left it running on his toolbox with no cooling fan—-it just gave up and started smoking). Just so happened that his computer had the same size hard drive for mine. Perfect. But it was a pain to fix and my brother works a ton. So it took a while. Then it didn’t want to run right so it took a bit longer. BUT I NOW HAVE A COMPUTER AGAIN!!!! It has a few small glitches and it will never be the same, but it runs now, so I don’t care.

I just can’t believe how empty life felt without my computer. Amazing how far technology has come that I struggled without a computer. Pretty sad. I never ever ever want to be without a computer again. I love you computer, I promise to never ever hurt you agin. <<<<<hearts and flowers and junk>>>>>> 🙂

So life goes on and I can blog again. My we have some catching up to do. I’m not sure I will get to all the fun crafty stuff I did this summer, but I may bring back a few of the cool things I did with my kids and family. On top of all this, my biggest accomplishment in the last week has been cleaning my craft room and working on building a business. Since I have my computer back I’ve been working on getting my Etsy store up and running. And I have also opened up a new Facebook page to link the two together. My shop is officially OPEN for business!

I will give you just a small explanation, or sneek peak at a few of my favorite items. I am recycling old blue jeans into purses, skirt and fabulous other items. I have soooooo many ideas I can’t wait to fully express myself. I began listing items in my shop thyat I have made in the last few years for a few craft shows, and the few blue jean items I have currently. I am going in a new direction with the blue jeans and less on the knitting and crocheting; there will be much more NEW items added in the next few weeks.In the mean time I am hoping to move some of the items I have in stock currently while working on new projects. So I ask that you be patient as I am listing new items and getting the shop fully functional. I will be posting a new blog soon with more details regarding my awesome little shop!

Please visit my shop These Old Blues on Etsy.

I made the scarf and the skirt. The scarf is for sale, but the skirt is MINE, I am taking custom orders for the skirt!
One of my FAVORITE blankies!
My purse! I’m making more to list in my shop!

Also please visit and LIKE my page on Facebook to stay updated! I can update my facebook page faster than I can blog about it….:)


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