Kids Clothes Week Challenge Days 1 and 2

This has been an awesome little week so far. I’ve been so busy sewing sewing sewing that I’ve hardly had time to type on the computer! BUUUUUUT I didn’t forget to make time to take pictures because I knew I would be sharing my excitement with you all. Many of the other people in the challenge are busy sewing and posting finished products on the Elsie Marley Flickr group page and I hope I can upload some of my photos there soon too.

Day one I cut out most of my pieces for a cute ruffled outfit for my youngest daughter, Shelby. Then I got in a remarkable 3 hours of sewing!!! Well mostly sewing, but we’ll just say 3 hours of time in my craft room. AWESOME. Not only do I feel accomplished but I had some real mommy time where I could truly zone out. It was great.

So anyhoo, I finished up the ruffled pants on Monday and the matching peasant top on Tuesday.The pants were a tiny bit long, but that’s to be expected with my little peanut. πŸ˜‰ It was really cute though. When she walked around the house this morning we thought she looked like she was a floating flower because you couldn’t see her little feet.

Here is Miss Shelby in her outfit today:

Sitting pretty!

I just love the little girly boutique style clothing with tons of ruffles! I only wish I had learned how to sew children’s clothing when my oldest daughter was younger. Choosing clothing for a “tween” is quite the challenge.

the back
Waiting to go outside…
Finished outfit! Before my little super model put it on.

This outfit came out just pefect in my eyes! I toook my time on it instead of trying to rush. I have learned that when I rush sewing projects I always tend to make mistakes or the project just doesn’t come out as I imagined. This outfit was EXACTLY as it pictured it in my head and Shelby looks just darling in it! πŸ™‚

This top and bottom’s main fabric is recycled/ upcycled denim from old blue jeans. The skirt layers and ruffles are all made from 100% cotton quilting fabric. I just so hapened to find some flower iron-ons that matched just perfect don’t you think? After ironing on the flowers I also stiched them down. Most iron-ons are pretty well permanent but after washing a few hundred times they tend to peel away at the edges. I always stitch them down after.

I’m thinking about making more outfits like this one to put in my Etsy shop -These Old Blues. What do you think?

Don’t forget to visit my Facebook page to stay updated on my blue jean upcycling creations!

How are your sewing projects coming out? Anything you would like to share? I have some upcycled boys projects that I can’t wait to share for days 3-4! Stay tuned for more!

I make ruffled outfits for other little girls too!!!

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4 thoughts on “Kids Clothes Week Challenge Days 1 and 2

  1. Wow, that looks so well made – it definitely pays to take your time! Your daughter looks adorable and so happy in her new outfit!! Can’t wait to see the boys outfits πŸ™‚

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