Hoot! Hoot! For hats!

OK so life started out this week crazy per usual….I am finally getting around to finishing up some hat orders for some Kiddos. I had an order for an owl hat. Now, I’ve seen these owl hats everywhere, and I’ve already made some penguin hats, which are very similar to the owls….just add some ears and tassels….and the beak a tad smaller, no big deal. The hat order was generic. The mom left me plenty of creative freedom. All I could picture was the owl from the Tootsie Pop commercials. “one…..Two….THREEEEEE!” I thought I would make the owl kinda woodsy looking. I wanted him brown, maybe dark and light, with some red and orange. The image I had in my head was great! Something very fall-ish like a Thanksgiving turkey—BUT MORE LIKE AN OWL.

The nearly finished hat? Not so much… I finished the hat portion, started the eyes….then placed the eyes on the owl before stitching them and I HATED IT. See for yourself:

scrapped owl hat

It was horrible. I don’t know why, I was just put off by this. ZERO wow factor for me….I know it still needed the nose and such, but something just looked wrong. The colors reminded me more of a pair of grandpa pajama pants, or a 70’s shag carpet. BLECK! I don’t know if it was the red or the funky mango orange. Whatever I was just disappointed.

So I contacted the momma and let her know I was having an artists block. Similar to writers block but it happens to crafters too. I asked her if there were any other color choices she would like. She suggested blue and grey. Perfect, I had a new idea! I so I set aside the yucky hat, not sure what I wanted to do with that yet.

So creative juices were flowing again, and back to crocheting. Halfway through the blue and grey hat, BAM——I had that ah-ha moment where I figured out the durned brown hat. Over a days time (hit or miss between my 2 year old pulling yarn from my bag), I finished 2, yes 2 owl hats and I LOVE them.


I ripped out half of the brown hat, took out the orange stripe, then put the lighter brown back on. I really liked the olive green I added into the eyes. It really gave the owl that woodsy feel that I wanted from the beginning. Why not add some eyelash yarn for eyelashes? I really love this now and have NO PROBLEM putting my brand name on these. 🙂 Oh and I like the blue and grey one too. It was a great color combination from the mom. Thanks mom.

Have a look at some close ups.

I love the eyes!!!
The blue and grey really work well together
I used the green in the braid as well

So I have to say, I was pretty upset when the hat didn’t turn out how I wanted it to the first time. But now I have two finished products that I’m in love with. The mom will purchase one and the other will be listed for sale in my Etsy shop. This project may have taken me longer than normal, but I’m much happier letting my customer know I had a good reason for the delay, and I’m satisfied that I’m putting out a great product. Quality is more important to me.

To me this is what I call a Clever Catastrophe. Wink wink.

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