So hubby and I have this deal, he takes the trash, and I do the recycling. Sounds fair, but doesn’t always work that way…lol.

Anyhoo, I’m pretty big with my recycling. If I can find a use for something I usually do. I have a hard time throwing things away if I even THINK I can reuse it or fix it. Hubbs hates this, (I think the tetm hoarder comes into play sometimes!) but I think I’m pretty eclectic with my collection. It might take me forever to actually be able to make a real cork board with my wine corks but in the mean time I’m drinking and saving them. 😉 Works for me!
I almost always seem to have what I need for my crafts or random kids projects. You never know what ideas these kids will come home with! I have a son who likes to build model airplanes with egg cartons….
So I thought I would share a quick little tidbit about pattern making for my sewing business. How does sewing and recycling connect?
First if all I recycle blue jeans, tshirts, curtains, tablecloths, sheets, and other fabulous materials that still have life left in them! Second of all I have tons of clothing ideas and yet I can never find patterns for what I want. So I make my own patterns!
I use tissue paper from the dollar store, a glue stick, a pencil, a pen, and a CEREAL box! What better way to reuse cardboard than for my patterns. This is especially great for smaller pieces that I know I will be using over and over.
I trace or draw what I need onto the tissue paper, put glue on the cardboard—-DO NOT attempt to put glue on the tissue paper or you will ruin your hard work—-! Then gently place the tissue paper onto the sticky part. I usually do this line by line —from one side to the other. If you do this too fast the pattern will be ruined. So only place one strip of glue down at a time and smooth the tissue paper down gently in rows.
And Voila! A reusable pattern or template! 🙂



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