Summer & Steampunk

Holy MOLEY!!! I just received this wicked pair of earrings!


I know it’s hard to see….but I wanted you all to see how excited I am! I put them right in, minutes after opening the package!

I found this listing on Etsy a few weeks ago. The earrings were inexpensive and made from recycled CD drive motors! How cool is that? Very much “steampunk-ish, ” very funky and I love them.

Close up! Neato huh?
Close up! Neato huh?

I showed someone the listing photo the other day and they were like, HUH? They didn’t get it and didn’t think they were cool. I was kinda bummed because I was so excited to order them! Then I thought—-who am I kidding? Do I EVER care what one other person thinks?? NOPE! I do what I want…..It’s the ONLY way of life if you ask me. šŸ™‚

The crafter has one more pair of these earrings. So even though I think they are one of a kind, apparently there is ONE more pair! You can find the Etsy listing HERE.Ā They are shipped from overseas but the crafer is fairly inexpensive and reasonably priced. Pretty fast shipping for over the big ocean too—I ordered these on the 8th (which I think was a weekend), they shipped on the 10th and I received them yesterday the 7th! So really only a week….not bad at all. Some people here in the states cannot ship that fast.

Anyhoo, if you would like to see what else this “Etsyian” has to offer you can check out the shop, CREATIVE FUNNY.Ā There are many more uniquely recycled crafts in this shop!

Speaking of fellow Etsyians…….Did you realize that it’s almost summer??? It hasn’t FELT like summer around here lately….but I’m hoping it will get here faster…..I know this changes the subject a little but I HAVE to share! The official start of summer is June 21st, AKA, the summer solstice. In celebration of the first day of summer I am offering 21% off ALL items in my Etsy Shop, These Old Blues!! Use the coupon code: Summer21 at checkout for the discount. This coupon expires JUNE 21st so take a peek now! I have a few patriotic dresses in my shop that if you hurry I should be able to get them to you before July 4th!!

NOTE:Ā This Etsy artist did not ask me to promote their shop nor their product at all. No money was received in exchange for this promotion. I used MY own photos of the item I purchased of my own free will. These opinions are all my own and I felt theĀ INCREDIBLE URGEĀ to share them with YOU my followers. šŸ™‚

What do you think?? Are the earrings cool, awesome, and or fabulous? Or just NOT your cup of tea??? I would love to know!


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