Pinterest crazy

I had a moment of weakness—or shall I say a few hours of PINTEREST inspiration!

Honestly I haven’t really been on Pinterest in months. With all my new listings in my Etsy shop this last week, I knew it was time to update my boards. WOWSA I felt like a Pinterest newbie all over again. You know– that time when you stayed up wicked late to pin everything you could possible think of and woke up the next morning with a Pinterest hangover? Well, not QUITE like that, but close.  I just felt so inspired all over again, one of the amazing things I love about that site! I browsed through my old boards, searched around for some NEW stuff, and then of course — I got HUNGRY…yes hungry. Doesn’t Pinterest make you hungry? There is always someone pinning yummy treats!

I found a few good boards of recycled blue jean crafts and was in HEAVEN– yup I’m SINGING!!! I went pinning like CRAAAAAAAZY! So I’m sorry if you are one of my followers and you opened up Pinterest this morning covered with all my blue jean pins but I couldn’t help it! I feel like sewing with blue jeans today. Thanks Pinterest for the inspiration. 🙂

Tic Tac Toe with recycled blue jeans? HOW CUTE!!! I will definitely be making some of these!

If you’d like to see my Recycled Blue Jeans Board you can find it HERE — It is loaded with TONS of goodies!


As Always — Don’t forget to visit me on ETSY,  SPRING SALE GOING ON!!! And LIKE my page on Facebook to keep up with all the goodies!!!! Remember to support your local crafters!



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