Finally feels like Spring!

Finally a day where I can take the kids outside to play! It’s been so cold I feel like spring is NEVER coming….and then NICE day. We were soooooo busy between hubby’s shop and my sewing that it seems like I never have time to take the kiddo’s outside. I am thankful these past few months for the little ones’ preschool where they get to go outside and play so often.

After spending the morning at Dad’s shop yesterday I figured the kid’s needed a little bit of fresh air. Time to break out the Power Wheels for the first time since Santa brought them on Christmas…..:)

Our day in PHOTOS — mostly anyway…:)

Good idea Mom-- You're the best ;)
Good idea Mom– You’re the best 😉


Sebastian was pretty good about helping himself when he got stuck….

DSC_0456 DSC_0469

Even after a few car accidents…. I was still able to stop and snap a few good pics…….:)




What a great day making memories. 🙂

Did you go outside today and enjoy the fresh air?


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