Bow Tie Leggings and Shorts

BSD phtoto shoot 2   I’m feeling Patriotic….And wishing for Spring, and then SUMMER…and FAST…

Oh, HELLOOOOOO there! I bet you didn’t expect to find me in your mailbox today….;) Wow, I haven’t blogged in ages! Like most things, it comes and goes as a part of my life. I am always THINKING about blogging again, but finding the time is just a wonder….LIFE IN THE FAST LANE right?

Anyhoo— I’d love to get back into routine. Much like sewing….OH HOW I love to sew! I just hardly have the time. I want to devote endless hours and bury myself in fabric and just SEW. That’s me. But hey, reality check, I have 4 kids, and a husband with a new business that needs me to help run it. So I sew these days when I can. A few weeks ago I made myself participate in a Sew-a-long. I spent an hour each day pacing myself. JUST getting a little done at a time. It was fabulous! I finished a dress and was soooo proud of myself.

Then just this last week or so I was offered the opportunity to test a new pattern from a designer— the Bow-Tie leggings and Shorts from Bella Sunshine Designs. I am an upcycler so I LOVE my knits. Can I tell you how much these cute little leggings will go great with upcycle dresses??? Do you SEE HOW FLIPPING CUTE THEY ARE???? Shelby says they are “Wicked Awesome!”

BSD phtoto shoot 10
Yup, that’s snow on the ground…:(

These leggings have a great fit, snug without being too snug. The pattern also has a “Slim fit pants” option, which is the same as the leggings, but gives a little more room so they aren’t so snug for those of you who like looser leggings. They also have 4 length options: shorts, knee length shorts, capris, and full length leggings. The only ones I haven’t tried are the shorts we still have quite a bit of snow on the ground here.

BSD phtoto shoot 15
This is the capri length. They fit great on the bum! And look— I actually matched up my pattern pretty good! I surprised myself…It’s all in the cut. 😉

As for the sewing part— WHAT A QUICK SEW! I ran soooooo tight with my schedule the week of the test I was so worried that I wasn’t going to be able to make it. But I squeezed them out and I stitched up 4 pairs in a day! Well maybe a day and a half with my crazy schedule. I’m sure some of you will beat me on this time but HEY, that’s GOOD for me. 😉 specially because I haven’t been able to squeeze in any sewing time at all. <<<I have a few unfinished projects that just have me SCREAMING from the inside out>>>>

If you are new to sewing knits, I highly recommend joining the Bella Sunshine Designs Facebook group. Melissa is fabulous and can help you if you need it. 🙂 And I’m in there too of course, with all the other testers sharing our awesome photos. So come check our creations out.

The bows are wicked cute! I was afraid of them at first…Did you know that I’m terrified of bows like I am of zippers? They are NOT my specialty. The first bow I made was EH ok. But I followed the directions from BSD and was pretty proud of myself. It was really cute. I honestly cheated and used a dab of glue to hold it the first time. But by the second set of bows, I didn’t need glue any more! I think I’m a bow pro….:)

BSD phtoto shoot 16
These are my snap on bows. 🙂 Shhhhh!

The bows can be attached in a few different ways –the pattern gives two options, machine stitch or hand stitch. The hand stitch option takes a little more time but the bows are fluffier. Well I decided that I was going to make this neutral pair of black and white stripe leggings. So then I couldn’t decide which color bow to use! So I made two different color bows and made them removable with KAM snaps. I am not going to give you a tutorial here on how I did that…I showed Miss Melissa from Bella Sunshine Designs what I did— she LOVED it— and she asked me if she could do a tutorial on her blog. When I see the blog link go up for the tutorial I will be sure link it here to share!

UPDATED: Here is the link for the Pattern Hack snap-on bow tutorial over on Bella Sunshine Designs Blog. :))

BSD phtoto shoot 4
Look at how adorable these are!

So I have to say– we had fun with this pattern.  I love this pattern because it’s easy. My daughter loves this pattern because they are comfy and she will wear leggings everyday if I let her. YES every single day! Oh and the bows? UBER addicting by little girls.

WAIT! DID you see the matching bow I made for her hair???? Same fabric, SAME bow pattern….add a little hot glue and some fold over elastic—BAM instant hairbow headband! The end. 🙂 SO RUN to get your copy of this pattern NOW from Bella Sunshine Designs —- (that’s right, just click in the blue right there<<<<) use the coupon code LAUNCHPARTY to get 25% off! Sale ends Sunday!


As always— be sure to follow me on my Facebook page, my FB group, and my Etsy shop. If you aren’t handy with a sewing machine I will be happy to stitch you up a pair of these cuties—-I hope to be carrying them Ready to Ship in my shop very soon!

BSD phtoto shoot 1


Please note, this post contains SOME affiliate links. The views and opinions expressed here are my own, and I was not paid to make this post. I was chosen to test this pattern for a designer, I received this pattern before it’s release and helped out during the testing phase.  I chose to blog about this awesome pattern all on my own.


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