A Day for Bargains

“MOM, YARD SALE!!!!” Well my kid’s started it this morning. It wasn’t me I swear.

I had a few errands to run. I had to pick up a t-shirt from another mom, and bring my Boy Scout to the dump first thing this morning (8AM to be exact) and I am NOT a morning person. I usually don’t make plans before 10am….too much work to wrangle up these kiddos, but this morning we HAD to. Every weekend the local scout troops and packs take turns sorting the returnable bottles and cans at the dump and in return they get a portion of the money.

So we decided to pudge around a little bit while the big kid was working with his Scout buddies. I went and picked up my shirt and we saw a few yard sale signs on the way there. *SIGH, I was bored and I couldn’t say NO!

So what kind of crafty finds can we find today???

I found this cute little sewing box, complete with a bunch of patterns and goodies for $5!
I found this cute little sewing box, complete with a bunch of patterns and goodies for $5!

IMG_1699 IMG_1700

All the goodies inside!!! How perfect are these patterns? I love making kid’s clothing and these simple patterns suit my style—I can easily dress them up with ruffles. 🙂 I know I don’t NORMALLY use patterns, I usually draft my own but it’s always good to have something basic to start with. especially if I am trying a new design.

Found some great fabrics, cotton prints and some corduroy!!
Found some great fabrics, cotton prints and some corduroy!!
Cute little tray??? I love the tiles. I keep saying one day I’m gonna do some mosaicing….I even bought the tile grout.

The woman had $5 price tag on the tray and the fabrics were$3-4 each but this was a yard sale and most people are not firm on their prices. She told me to make her offers on the fabric so I offered $10 for the tray and the fabric….. she was fine with that. Woo-hoo!! I can’t wait to use that corduroy for something in the fall!

IMG_1695 I know this shirt is wayyyyyy too big for me. But it’s a gorgeous color, and it’s NEW! I think I paid a quarter for it and it still has the extra button attached. I am already envisioning this refashion!

Any crafty finds for you today? Did you stop at any yard sales? It is a great day on the Cape for it!


Summer & Steampunk

Holy MOLEY!!! I just received this wicked pair of earrings!


I know it’s hard to see….but I wanted you all to see how excited I am! I put them right in, minutes after opening the package!

I found this listing on Etsy a few weeks ago. The earrings were inexpensive and made from recycled CD drive motors! How cool is that? Very much “steampunk-ish, ” very funky and I love them.

Close up! Neato huh?
Close up! Neato huh?

I showed someone the listing photo the other day and they were like, HUH? They didn’t get it and didn’t think they were cool. I was kinda bummed because I was so excited to order them! Then I thought—-who am I kidding? Do I EVER care what one other person thinks?? NOPE! I do what I want…..It’s the ONLY way of life if you ask me. 🙂

The crafter has one more pair of these earrings. So even though I think they are one of a kind, apparently there is ONE more pair! You can find the Etsy listing HERE. They are shipped from overseas but the crafer is fairly inexpensive and reasonably priced. Pretty fast shipping for over the big ocean too—I ordered these on the 8th (which I think was a weekend), they shipped on the 10th and I received them yesterday the 7th! So really only a week….not bad at all. Some people here in the states cannot ship that fast.

Anyhoo, if you would like to see what else this “Etsyian” has to offer you can check out the shop, CREATIVE FUNNY. There are many more uniquely recycled crafts in this shop!

Speaking of fellow Etsyians…….Did you realize that it’s almost summer??? It hasn’t FELT like summer around here lately….but I’m hoping it will get here faster…..I know this changes the subject a little but I HAVE to share! The official start of summer is June 21st, AKA, the summer solstice. In celebration of the first day of summer I am offering 21% off ALL items in my Etsy Shop, These Old Blues!! Use the coupon code: Summer21 at checkout for the discount. This coupon expires JUNE 21st so take a peek now! I have a few patriotic dresses in my shop that if you hurry I should be able to get them to you before July 4th!!

NOTE: This Etsy artist did not ask me to promote their shop nor their product at all. No money was received in exchange for this promotion. I used MY own photos of the item I purchased of my own free will. These opinions are all my own and I felt the INCREDIBLE URGE to share them with YOU my followers. 🙂

What do you think?? Are the earrings cool, awesome, and or fabulous? Or just NOT your cup of tea??? I would love to know!


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Hands on the Arts 2013

This year we went to the “Hands on the Arts” festival and craft fair in Eastham, Ma, for the second year in a row. Last year the kid’s had so much fun and I couldn’t wait to take them back!

If you didn’t catch my post last year about this fair you can find it HERE.

The brief run down of this event is that it is all FREE! Well, the kids activities are anyways! They had a puppet show for the Littles, and a big tent set up with many tables so the kids could do all kinds of free crafts. Then of course there are awesome craft vendors to peek through! (****remember to support your local crafters!! They work sooooo hard!!!), and a few food vendors—did I mention the mouthwatering BBQ?? YUMMERS!

Anyhoo, enough with the words, this is what our day looked like:

Peter and the wolf puppet show. Thie kids LOVED this!
Peter and the wolf puppet show. Thie kids LOVED this!
Sorting seashells for the mosaic project...
Sorting seashells for the mosaic project…

IMG_1669  IMG_1670IMG_1671

I have to say here that my youngest, Shelby, was too small last year to really participate in the activities, besides putting her handprint in some clay. So this year she was very excited to not have to sit in the stroller. She had so much fun beading her own necklaces and choosing the beads. As you can see she is very proud of her work here!

IMG_1672 IMG_1673

Painting seashells, rocks, and starfish. You can never go wrong with toddlers and a bucket of paint. They love it!

IMG_1675 IMG_1674

My oldest daughter, Hannah was very interested in the pottery wheel. Here the woman is teaching the kids how to use it. This was not a take-home project because many kids would assist with one item, but it was still a great hands-on activity for the kids to learn from.

IMG_1676 IMG_1677

You can’t see Hannah’s project too well, but she made a  girl out of clay. Very inventive.

I was finally able to snap a pic of what Spencer was up to! He loves to mess with tape, glue, cardboard, paper towel rolls, and anything random!

Each of the kids had an absolute blast. It was a day to be creative without restrictions. They had many choices of mediums to use, and nice works of art to take home.


And then we discovered that I locked my keys in my car. ://////// OOPS! Here are the Littles sitting in a shady spot while we waited for the AAA person to come pop open my door—–

*sigh, it never ends does it? 🙂

At least we had a good day anyway!

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Refashion Runway Sew Along— Feeling Patriotic!

More upcycles! I know…am I killing you with my upcycle posts or are you loving it?? But come on— This is like my 4th post this week right?! That’s an accomplishment!

Sewwwwww, anyhoo, I finally finished my  sew along piece for the Renegade Seamstress’ Refashion Runway! This weeks challenge was : DENIM. Um hello<<<<< THAT”S MY THING! Right? I mean my business is “These Old Blues.”

So I have to tell you first that when I saw the challenge this week was Denim, I just about flipped. As you can see above that I’m ultra excited about it! My first thought was a CORSET. I have been DYING to make a denim corset. I know people say you shouldn’t make one from denim, the fabric is too heavy, and it tends to have too much stretch. I don’t care though. I want a blue jean corset!

I started the pattern work….Now I’ve NEVER made a corset from scratch. I have upcycled other corsets but never done this whole entire process. So I’m teaching myself how to do this and realizing this is pretty hefty project. I will not be able to do a great job on this if I rush it and try to finish it in a week. So once again my corset is on the back burner—but it is in progress! I have the pattern in my muslin so I can try it out and make adjustments before cutting into the denim. I promise I will share with you all when I have it completed. 🙂

On to the project for the Refashion Runway Sew Along. I was doing laundry and thinking about what I could do that would really show off my talents. I was overwhelmed with the possibilities. As I’m folding clothes I came across this piece:

So this cute little denim jumper was getting a bit too small. My peanut is finally growing!

This is an 18-24 month jumper that fits more like a 12 month outfit. Shelby is 2 remember?? Well most of her stuff is about 18-24m anyway because she’s tiny, but she is FINALLY starting to sprout. The last time she wore this little number, every time she moved the dress hiked up and I could see her diaper hanging out. The dress still fit her width-wise, so I imagined just adding a ruffle to it.

I’ve also been imagining an awesome 4th of July outfit for her—-and then it hit me!

OOPS! Yup I cut it in half! I  was sensing that it was time for an upcycle…or “Refashion”

I cut the dress in half and decided to make a 2 piece outfit. I’ve been dreaming about stars and stripes with chevron for months now. So first I handpainted stars all over the denim top and bottom. Then added red and white chevron to both the top and bottom. Then a blue patriotic ruffled edge to the top and more blue ruffle on the bum of the skirt. I also upcycled a pair of red shorts to go under the cute little skirt. For those little bend over moments. 😉

IMG_1659 IMG_1662 IMG_1661 IMG_1660 IMG_1658I tried to get a close up of her cute little bow….she wasn’t happy at this point. She even pouted and told me no. I snapped the picture anyway. LOL. She really just wanted to spin around and play, but I was trying to snap pictures quickly before it started to rain again! Sorry sweetie! She IS getting better at this posing thing though.

The bow was NOT handmade by me. I purchased it from Princess Izzy Boutique on Facebook. SHE HAS FABULOUS ACCESSORIES, and is VERY reasonably priced!!! She is also on Etsy and you can find her shop HERE.

Excited! She really loves it!!!
Excited! She really loves it!!!


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Still coming up soon is my Purse Renew Tutorial! It’s in progress peeps!

Designing Upcycles Part 2

Here is the second part of my post from yesterday. If you didn’t catch part 1 you can find it HERE.

These are my most recent upcycles from another Designer’s Day event. These are all handmade by ME.

This was another $1 giveaway!!! A pair of white jeans turned into this cute little ruffle skirt!
This was another $1 giveaway!!! A pair of white jeans turned into this cute little ruffle skirt!
I Love gymnastics tee turned into a sundress!
Hearts and Palm trees! The design on the shirt is very glittery and this skirt fabric has silver hearts all over it. Lots of twirl!
Itty-Bitty Patriots fan!!! This was a tiny Pats onesie that I turned into a mini-cheerleader dress. This is to-die-for!!
Another fabulous upcycle for the Boston Red Sox fan!
With extra ruffles on the back.
4th of July!!! Cute, summery, and ruffled up!

Thanks for viewing my upcycles!

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Designing Upcycles Part 1

So here is a post that I promised! Some of you have seen my work, but I always forget to share my business with my blog followers. I have been working really hard this week to direct my blog more toward my business. After all, the reason I began blogging was to find another avenue to network with people who are interested in what I do. Blogging is another way to share and promote my business.

I love to upcycle everything. I love to recycle old blue jeans,  t-shirts, and more. Sometimes I buy new t-shirts if they are clearance and OH SO CUTE, but I try to use as much as I can from thrift tees and donated tees. Some people are picky about using thrift tees but the beginning of upcycling started when people began using clothing that no longer fit their children to make “new” clothing. So my philosophy is that “upcycling” should be exactly that—-it is taking something that is partially unusable and creating something new with it that serves a purpose. I have a few bags of clothing and miscellaneous items that have been donated to me for upcycling. I will find something to do with anything! Yes, this is half the reason that I have sooooo much stuff. It is extremely difficult to throw thing s away when you have so many useful ideas for them.!

Anyhoo—on to the goodies.

This is another post that is going to be full of pictures! I won’t need to explain much!

In March, and in June, I participated in a “Designer’s Day” in one of my Facebook groups : Upcycles Galore. This is a group for upcycle re-sells, but every few months they like to host a big day for designers to show off their work, and make some sales. It’s a big fun day with lots of goodies, auctions, $1 giveaways, designer deals, accessories, and more! It is a closed group so you have to join to be able to see what goes on over there. whether you are new to upcycles or a seasoned fan, the group is a ton of fun for everyone.

Here are the goodies I listed:

10 ruffle skirt
Blue jeans to skirt upcycle. Ruffles from old tee shirts!
fanned out punk
“Franken-Stitched” punk upcycled black jeans and new cotton prints.
Up close---This is Franken'stitching. :) a bunch of pieces of denim sewn together like a crazy quilt and turned into a big piece of fabric.
Up close—This is “Franken-stitching” 🙂 *** a bunch of pieces of denim sewn together like a crazy quilt and turned into a big piece of fabric.
fanned out overalls
A pair of overalls recycled and turned into a dress!!!
The overalls with matching ruffle pants!!
The overalls with matching ruffle pants!!
Upcycled blue jeans dress and ruffle jeans!
Upcycled blue jeans dress and ruffle jeans!
Love this Pac-Man shirt!!! Cut and shaped then added sleeves and ruffles to make a cute dress!
dollar giveaway
This was a $1 giveaway! A pair of jeans upcycled to a cute ruffle skirt.
I listed this as a custom spot. I had three tees and planned these fabrics to use with them.
I listed this as a custom spot. I had three tees and planned these fabrics to use with them.

DSC01803 DSC01809DSC01806

These are the custom dresses I created with the Horse tees and fabrics. Wicked cute!!!

Ruffles up close!

So I don’t want to bore you like crazy so I am splitting this post up into 2 and sharing my items from the next Designer day on the next post!

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For Designing Upcycles Part 2 click HERE.

Refashion Runway – SEW ALONG

Things are slammin’ busy around here but somehow I’m managing to get I some sewing time—-and sewing for myself! How does that happen?? JUST SQUEEEEEEEZING in a few minutes here in there…..Like the fact that I’m throwing together this post before dinner?

Anyhoo, if you haven’t checked out Refashion Runway on The Renegade Seamstress you can find week 1 HERE. I am NOT a competitor, but I’m giving it a try the next time around, so for now I’m sewing along!

The first weeks challenge was :STRIPES

Oh stripes how I love thee!!!

So this is what I picked up from my local thrift shop:

Too big of course! But I loved the BIG stripes—-I KNEW right away what this would turn into!
Hello frumpy top! Yes again WAYYY too big! BUT I loved the color and the mini stripes.
Hello frumpy top! Yes again WAYYY too big! BUT I loved the color and the mini stripes.
As soon as I found this I was like WHOAAAA! It's a Banana Republic dress----oh sooooo soft and slinky----but too small----and not so forgiving around the middle.
As soon as I found this I was like WHOAAAA! It’s a Banana Republic dress—-oh sooooo soft and slinky—-but too small—-and not so forgiving around the middle.

I did pick up a few more fun items for some other refashions. But I’ll save those for another time. 🙂 I never make enough clothes for myself so this is a goal of mine now. I’m overwhelmed with clothes that don’t fit and it’s time to refashion them!

So this is what I made—-yes it’s actually 2 refashions! Here is the first.

Woo-hoo! LOVE this tank! I feel ready for summer!
Woo-hoo! LOVE this tank! I feel ready for summer!

I cut the shirt down to fit my size, scooped out the neckline, and then cut a few of the navy stripes to use for the arm and neck binding. Its sooo comfy!!!

So then I took the dress and cut off the entire top part from the arms up. I placed the “dress” over a pair of yoga pants to get the right fit.

DSC02102I cut up the tank to make my waist band, and measured how much I would need to finish the top half of my skirt. The diagonal band was a last minute idea when I discovered a small hole in the side seam of the dress. Of course I could have just repaired the seam, but this looks SEW much better don’t ya think?

 DSC02120 DSC02121DSC02119

I LOVE THIS SKIRT!!!!!!! I used the mini striped tank and that fabulous (not so well fitting) dress. I know that stripes are generally NOT very forgiving on the hips. YES, they may make me look a TAD bit wider, but in reality the cut of this skirt slims back in around my knees and gives more of an hourglass shape/ mermaid style. I really love it more than I thought I would!

Next weeks challenge: Denim! <<<<Lucky gal this one is! This is MY challenge! wahahahaha!

Are you sewing along???

PS: Please forgive the pics of me in the mirror—-I have not yet figured out how to model my own clothes! My kids are not very good at snapping pictures yet! Another challenge on the way for me….:)

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Ketchup ;)

Or, catch-up, whatever you’d like to call it. I think Ketchup sounds cute.

So it’s been awhile since my last confession…..lol, ok, ok lets’ get serious; I’m pretty sure that I’ve told you before that I am NOT Catholic but hopefully my fans get my humor.

Anyhoo, as my followers know, I am not as consistent with my blogging as I’d like to be. I just had my ONE YEAR BLOG ANNIVERSARY!! I have only made 31 posts??? Seriously???….well this makes 32—–but that’s still not a lot for 365 days of blogging! I just don’t know how other mommies do it. I know it can be done, I just don’t do it unless I feel inspired. Maybe one day I will feel ready to blog everyday, but until then this is me, and this is what you get. After all my blog is whatever I want it to be right? Ok, glad that’s settled. 🙂 Maybe I’ll pick up the pace and maybe I won’t, at least I ‘m enjoying this.

However—-I wanted to let everyone know what I’ve been up to lately, so here I am playing Ketchup. First of all, I’m still alive and my kiddos are all great! Oh and summer is almost here, can you believe it??

In the beginning, the idea for the creation of this blog was first that I wanted to start my own business. I know I’ve said this before but my creative style confuses people most of the time. Sometimes I’m sewing, sometimes I’m knitting, sometimes I’m making dream catchers and other times I’m melting plastic beads in my oven. So my reasoning for starting a blog was to show and explain to people what I can do. I am easily bored and I cannot stay on one project for too long (hence the reason for stacks of unfinished projects—-only my own of course, I never miss a deadline for my customers).

So far, my little blog is helping people understand me and I have started to build a small clientele. I am always that person who jumps in and says “I can do that!!!” Even though, maybe I haven’t done that before. My clients and friends are spreading the word and people are starting to understand me, and I love it! I have a few random projects I have done in the last few months that I have really enjoyed. Clients are being referred to me because if anyone can do it, Heidi can do it—-or she will know someone who can right? Yes I just spoke of myself in the third person, shhhh, don’t tell just let it go…..I will tell people if I can’t do something or if I am unsure. It’s up to my customers to trust me or not. Currently, I’m feeling a lot of trust here!

For example, I have made two baby quilts, a sweater and booties for a stuffed monkey, renewed the straps on a lovely Vera Bradley bag (TUTORIAL coming soon!!!), a crown/ tiara for a special birthday lady, and also plenty of little upcycles here and there. Recently I have been asked to replace Velcro strips on cloth diapers with snaps. This person was a new client and I admitted to her that I’ve never done this before, but I did a little research, and I feel confident about it so I  accepted the job. I am loving that I am building a trust with my new clients. For all of this I am thankful that I am finally being understood!

Want to see pictures of my latest adventures in randomness?

Ok you twisted my arm, I will share! So here is some of my last few projects in pictures…. (for some reason this blog is not cooperating with me today and I couldn’t seem to  arrange some of the photos 3 on a line, but whatever it is what it is right? 😉

This baby quilt was SO SOFT! Made with flannel squares and a fleece backing.
This picture does not do this quilt justice! It is gorgeous in person!
This picture does not do this quilt justice! It is gorgeous in person!
These are the elephant appliques for the quilt before I put them in place. I couldn’t find that perfect elephant fabric, so I made my own!
Lettering applique----not too shabby if I don't say so myself even though I hadn't done applique in years!
Lettering applique—-not too shabby if I don’t say so myself even though I hadn’t done applique in years!

IMG_1580 IMG_1579 IMG_1578

This tiara/ crown was made for a special birthday lady for a surprise 70th birthday party. I made  mainly from recycled cardboard, newspaper, and Mod Podged fabric, YES FABRIC! The roses are handmade from fabric as well and the inside is lined with duct tape for ultimate flexibility.

IMG_1515 IMG_1516 IMG_1619

Don’t throw that cute Vera Bradley purse with the worn out handles away! RENEW the handles! TUTORIAL COMING SOON!!!!

Mr. Monkey....:) That's all I can say!
Mr. Monkey….:) That’s all I can say!

So that’s just a few of my recent projects. I also have been busy with some upcycles. Back in March I participated in a Designer’s Day on a closed Facebook group called Upcycles Galore. Maybe I can show you all some of the items I created for that day?? Some of them were customs, and some I have not sold—-I keep forgetting to list them on Etsy or they probably would have been gone by now.  There is another Designer’s Day coming up on June 1st that I am excited to be  participating in again! If you would like to see the sales or purchase items you MUST be a member of the group. So click the link above and request to join the group.

My blogging goals for this week:

1) Tutorial for the Vera Bradley bag Renew

2) Post another Ketchup so you can all see what I created for the last Upcycles Galore Designer Day

I’m glad we could Ketchup! Looking forward to my next post. 🙂


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15 Minute Sundress Tutorial

Have you seen these fabrics? Pre-made sundresses basically—- where the fabric is shirred on the top and flowy-like on the bottom.


I used to HATE them, and I mean despise them. I refused to buy them, I felt like I was “cheating” to buy the pre-shirred fabric. Plus some of them the quality was pretty crappy.

Then one day (last week) I was in the fabric store, and my 2 year old screams “Hello Kitty dress!!!!!” Yes, she is slightly obsessed and it’s all my sister’s fault. Completely. She bought her some Hello Kitty clothes for Christmas and now she says “My Hello Kitty” with everything she sees. And ME? Well she’s so stinkin’ cute that I feed into it!

So aaaaaanyhoo, my little girl picked out some shirred Hello Kitty dress fabric. I thought, oh how I didn’t want to cheat and buy this, but seriously I could whip out a dress in 5 minutes. As an experienced seamstress this will honestly take 10-15 minutes start to finish if there are no hiccups with the machine. I’m sure a beginner can make this dress in 30 minutes or less (Maybe an hour -TOPS). It’s seriously only one seam right up the side, and then straps!

Alright, I know! Enough with the chat and on with the tutorial—-I just can’t help it I talk a lot!

So I purchased 20 inches of the fabric, yes they sell it by the inch….NOT the yard, so know your measurements. My girl measures just about 20 inches around her chest (she’s a peanut). I knew that with the seam and all it would be slightly smaller so the elastic would do it’s job and stick to her just right.

I didn’t even pre-wash the fabric, I got home and ran to my sewing machine. I stitched a single seam up the side, then serged, pressed, and topstitched the seam. I just can’t help it, I’m obsessed with topstitching and making every seam lay flat.


VIOLA! A dress in 5 minutes. But yes it needs straps—And the straps are the hardest part, yet not that difficult at all!

I cut 4 strips of a coordinating pink fabric, 1-1/4″ X 16″ but next time I will measure them about 1-1/2″ because they were just a little bit slimmer than I wanted.

I folded one end in about 1/8″ (this will be the “closed” end left out, not inside the dress), then pressed.

Then I folded the strips in half and pressed.

Here you can see the end pressed in, and also the strip folded in half

I opened the strips back up and folded the outer edges into the middle to meet the center press mark, and pressed again. This is very much like making a paper airplane.

Pressing to the middle

Then I folded the strips in half again (with outer edges folded into the middle) and pressed again.

Pressing in half

I know there is a lot of pressing, but the same goes with quilting and any dressmaking with cotton fabrics, you must press every seam. It makes life so much easier.

So now you have four skinny-ish strips that you can use for straps. One end should be closed as you folded in the end, and one should be open with a raw fabric edge. Bring the straps over to your machine and stitch one row of stitches right up the middle of the strap.

Center stitching
Center stitching

Take the four straps and pin them to the inside of the dress. I honestly just eyeballed where I wanted the straps, but I measured just for you and it ended up being about 1-1/2″ away from the outer edge of the dress. ****NOTE**** Upon finishing the dress, I noticed the straps should be in a little further, so next time I will go about 2″

1-1/2" to 2" from side, for a size 2, use your judgment for whatever size you are making!
1-1/2″ to 2″ from side, for a size 2, use your judgment for whatever size you are making!

When I pinned the straps for stitching I pinned them across the first AND second rows of shirring. If I stitched across just one row, sometimes the straps get kinda floppy. I wanted them double stitched for extra security and stability. If you ever wear sundresses you will know what I’m talking about. I CAN’T STAND IT when the end of the straps poke out of the top of the dress.

Stitched and backstitched across 2 rows of shirring

On to the machine! I stitched across one strap directly over the shirring, then backstitched—–lifted my presser foot without cutting the thread—–pulled right over to the lower part of the strap and stitched it down and backstitched there as well. Repeat this with each strap.

and TA-DA!!!!!!


Now is this not the easiest dress you’ve ever made?? So much for not cheating—-I feel pretty well accomplished and not so much a cheater! Why did I put up such a fight over fabric that will make my life easier?? I guess I would compare it to store bought cookie dough VS homemade cookies. That just won’t happen unless there’s a killer coupon deal.

It’s so cute, and lightweight! Great for everyday summer sun dress or even a beach cover up. My daughter was so excited that I had a new dress for her by the time she woke up from her nap.


As you can see where the side tucks down a little—-that’s why I needed to move the straps in a bit. If this were for a customer I would go back and re-stitch the straps over a bit, but it’s for my girl so she can live with it. 😉

I am hoping to go back and get more of this shirred fabric— more than likely without the licensed characters so that I can sell them in my Etsy shop, or off my FaceBook page.

Happy sewing!!!

Let me know how your dresses come out! As always– If I missed a step, don’t be afraid to ask me questions! I’m here to help!


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