Are you inspired? Sometimes I’m driving down the road and I see a beautiful place and I imagine myself taking photographs in that place. It may be the sun-setting (or rising) that inspires me…a feeling that rises in my gut. I can FEEL this emotion come over me and I have to draw something before I forget that feeling. I have all these photographs going through my head as though they are memories but they are NOT memories because they haven’t happened yet! It’s like I am dreaming! I have to be so careful because I’m driving….LOL. I have to pull over and draw, or write these “feelings.” I try to carry a pad of paper, a sketch book, and my camera. If I have only one of these in the car at any given moment I’m usually good, but this isn’t always the case. Trying to get this feeling out of my body and my head as soon as I can is generally the best thing I can do for myself or the emotion is LOST and I will forget this powerful, inspirational moment.

On this day I stopped and took this photograph. I KNEW I was going to take my children pics this day! It was SO pretty here. It was the perfect photo area. I NEEDED to bring my kids here! The leaves were in color, the sun was pretty…I was INSPIRED. It was GO TIME!!!
I drove home to pick up the kids, the dog jumped in the car like he was saying ME TOO! Shelby had on her Super hero cape and we were off.
My beautiful Girls

In that moment I nailed a shot of my girls. I am not a pro-photographer by any means, but in that moment I got it. I took that moment of inspiration of fresh fall air and the beautiful setting and went with it! My kids will not be young forever but taking that feeling and running with it was just what I needed. Even if it means PULLING THE CAR OVER!

Do you ever feel like this? What causes you to feel inspired? Everyone needs inspiration! I have to have inspiration for my sewing and designing business too!

My children are always my biggest inspiration, to be the best, to create my best….but when it comes to inspiring surroundings sometimes an inspirational moment just HAPPENS. Sometimes it is not even a place…it could be my children laughing and playing, or a supermodel on television. She would have to be wearing something that makes me want to sew something fabulous of course. I could be shopping in the mall and see something fantastic and feel inspired!

Yesterday I HAD to purchase this very cute little babydoll top because it inspired me SEW much. I couldn’t take a picture of it. I want to make more of them. I would never copy something to the “T” but I want to create something similar it is so pretty. In fact I had sketched something similar in my sketchbook the other day which is why I snatched it off the clothing rack. I thought this was quite funny. It called to me!

I started an “INSPIRE” book….Check it out…


In addition to my regular sketch book….


I always find myself tearing pictures out of magazines and silly ads that come in the mail. I have a hard time throwing out magazines if they have just a few things in them I want to remember. I currently have an “Inspire wall” (it’s really a bulletin board) I am always changing up in my sewing room. *** This is my wall…

I like to surround myself with items that inspire me to keep me feeling in the mood to sew and get me thinking about what is next. Especially when I hit that frustrating moment— it is really nice to have a place to turn to for inspiration.

So my Inspire book. It’s just a sketch book with some random magazine cut outs of things that made me say OOOOh. Fashion items that might have a detail or two that I loved.


There are actually a few things in there that I look at now and say, why on earth did I put that in there? (not the hat, I REALLY love this style!) But I take a second glance and think– oh, I think I must have just liked the fabric choice on that design, or the hemline on that one, or the seam detail on this one. Whatever the reason, it inspired me that day  and I stuck it in the book.

And a Monet print, just because it’s Monet….so why not! I love impressionists! Monet is inspirational too!


Do you have an Inspire wall? Or an Inspire book? Where do you turn for inspiration? Lets hear it!

I challenge you to make an Inspire book if you don’t have one!





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