Snap-On Bows for Bow Tie Leggings

EEK! I’ve been mildly featured in another blog….LOL! I use the term mildly just because it was just a mere mention of my name…However I feel mildly famous. 😉 Ok, maybe that was too mild.

OK, Ok. Done with silly, so here goes.

The other day I post some CUTIE little bow tie leggings that I made. If you haven’t seen that post you’ll find that post HERE. I tested this pattern for Bella Sunshine Designs and during the testing I made a pair of black and white striped leggings that were just OH-SO cute. BUT I just couldn’t decide what color to make the bows. Shelby wanted pink or purple (of course), and I wanted either red or orange. To be honest— I was also testing a dress that has to go with some holidays ((((YAHHHHH — I cannot show you yet, but I PROMISE you will see by the end of next week— OMG pattern releasing Friday March 13th..;))) Did I say that out loud? OH, darn.

Anyhoo….So you see my dilemma? I needed two pairs of leggings….and they needed to match Halloween and Christmas.

I considered just safety pinning the bows on just for the photo and making a second pair of leggings later. But really— why bother. Why not make this more versatile?

BSD phtoto shoot 16BSD phtoto shoot 10

I whipped out my KAM snaps, my KAM pliers and VIOLA! Snap on, snap off! Halloween and Christmas leggings all in one. Who knew it could be this simple! If you would like to see the tutorial, please see the blog post at Bella Sunshine Designs right HERE. :))) Have fun with this!!!

The Halloween bows on the left are knit, and the Christmas bows on the right are woven. 🙂

PS—- Did you know that using such a neutral color on the leggings is the perfect addition for your little ones wardrobe. Now you can also use up a bunch of sewing scraps to make bows of every color….and another hint??? MAKE AN EXTRA BOW, stick it on a strip of fold over elastic and make a headband to match…;) Too much fun when you have a little diva….

BSD phtoto shoot 1

***This post contains some affiliate links. This blog post was not sponsored or promoted by anyone. All opinions are my own. No one asked me, paid me or told me to post this. I blog because I love to and I shared these links because I think you will love them too. ;)))



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