DIY Watering Can in 5 MINUTES!!!

Ten minutes ago I saw this wicked cool craft for an everyday item. Then I made it. Yes, 10 minutes ago and I’m already posting about it! Well maybe by the time I finishing posting about it will be longer, but you get the idea. How often do you see a craft and rush right out and make it? Not very often in my case! Rushing out to make a craft you just saw can be very expensive because you have to buy all the tools. Well I bet you have all the items on hand for this one JUST LIKE I DID!

So I saw this post over on The Krazy Coupon Lady’s website (you’ll find her post HERE).

Take an old laundry soap bottle, drill holes in the top, and VIOLA! A simple DIY watering can.


I was literally sitting here, and getting ready to water my newly sprouting garden and I saw this post. How perfect is that?

I ran down stairs, dug an old detergent bottle out of the recycling bin, busted out the drill…..and started drilling! The kids were like, MOM, what are you doing???

Drill some holes in the top

Stop drilling when you are happy. It’s too easy to get carried away….it’s a great stress reliever and soooooo easy to get carried away. I love my drill. 🙂

Switch to a BIG drill bit. You have to make a hole in the top somewhere to let air back in. I chose to drill some big holes rather than cut myself with a knife trying to carve a big hole.

Air holes!

And then…..THERE YOU HAVE IT!!!


Where’s my easy button? Because THAT WAS EASY! 🙂

And a quick update, my garden is growing well! So far so good. I have sprouts on the cukes, tomatoes, carrots, green peppers and watermelon. YAY! Take a peek:

Transplanted the cukes to a bigger space…
Next step up pot for the tomatoes!

If you look VERY carefully you can just barely see the little sprout coming up! These are green peppers…YUM!

Oh and by the way….Yesterday my hubby and Sebastian were eating apples. Sebastian was talking about how he’s not supposed to eat the seeds, and how we plant seeds in the garden. I told them to save some seeds and we will plant them.

This is what came in my hubby’s apple:

Apple seed

This apple seed way screaming, YES plant me!!!!! I wanna be a tree! How perfect is that?

I know it looks like a sperm….LOL. I couldn’t help it. That was my first thought. I know it was yours too so don’t even try…..

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