Finally feels like Spring!

Finally a day where I can take the kids outside to play! It’s been so cold I feel like spring is NEVER coming….and then NICE day. We were soooooo busy between hubby’s shop and my sewing that it seems like I never have time to take the kiddo’s outside. I am thankful these past few months for the little ones’ preschool where they get to go outside and play so often.

After spending the morning at Dad’s shop yesterday I figured the kid’s needed a little bit of fresh air. Time to break out the Power Wheels for the first time since Santa brought them on Christmas…..:)

Our day in PHOTOS — mostly anyway…:)

Good idea Mom-- You're the best ;)
Good idea Mom– You’re the best 😉


Sebastian was pretty good about helping himself when he got stuck….

DSC_0456 DSC_0469

Even after a few car accidents…. I was still able to stop and snap a few good pics…….:)




What a great day making memories. 🙂

Did you go outside today and enjoy the fresh air?


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Hands on the Arts 2013

This year we went to the “Hands on the Arts” festival and craft fair in Eastham, Ma, for the second year in a row. Last year the kid’s had so much fun and I couldn’t wait to take them back!

If you didn’t catch my post last year about this fair you can find it HERE.

The brief run down of this event is that it is all FREE! Well, the kids activities are anyways! They had a puppet show for the Littles, and a big tent set up with many tables so the kids could do all kinds of free crafts. Then of course there are awesome craft vendors to peek through! (****remember to support your local crafters!! They work sooooo hard!!!), and a few food vendors—did I mention the mouthwatering BBQ?? YUMMERS!

Anyhoo, enough with the words, this is what our day looked like:

Peter and the wolf puppet show. Thie kids LOVED this!
Peter and the wolf puppet show. Thie kids LOVED this!
Sorting seashells for the mosaic project...
Sorting seashells for the mosaic project…

IMG_1669  IMG_1670IMG_1671

I have to say here that my youngest, Shelby, was too small last year to really participate in the activities, besides putting her handprint in some clay. So this year she was very excited to not have to sit in the stroller. She had so much fun beading her own necklaces and choosing the beads. As you can see she is very proud of her work here!

IMG_1672 IMG_1673

Painting seashells, rocks, and starfish. You can never go wrong with toddlers and a bucket of paint. They love it!

IMG_1675 IMG_1674

My oldest daughter, Hannah was very interested in the pottery wheel. Here the woman is teaching the kids how to use it. This was not a take-home project because many kids would assist with one item, but it was still a great hands-on activity for the kids to learn from.

IMG_1676 IMG_1677

You can’t see Hannah’s project too well, but she made a  girl out of clay. Very inventive.

I was finally able to snap a pic of what Spencer was up to! He loves to mess with tape, glue, cardboard, paper towel rolls, and anything random!

Each of the kids had an absolute blast. It was a day to be creative without restrictions. They had many choices of mediums to use, and nice works of art to take home.


And then we discovered that I locked my keys in my car. ://////// OOPS! Here are the Littles sitting in a shady spot while we waited for the AAA person to come pop open my door—–

*sigh, it never ends does it? 🙂

At least we had a good day anyway!

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