Banana-rama Banana bread, YUMMERS

I LOVE banana bread, just sayin’. 🙂 So a few days ago the bananas were just starting to turn a little brownish and I thought, I haven’t made banana bread in a while. At this point there were 4 bananas on the little tree that hangs them on the corner of my counter. Then Shelby ate one, and then Sebastian ate one. Two stinking bananas left…..what am I supposed to do with those?? I really needed at least 3 but maybe 4, so off to the store we went. There on the mark down section for produce was a perfectly slightly browned bushel of bananas for .90. Score!

browning bananas

Then they sat on my counter for 2 more days. Sheesh, I just haven’t had a second to bake! This morning I was up early and I saw those bananas sitting there. I thought, today is the day….one more and they will turn to mush! So at 7:30 this morning in between getting chitlins ready for school I started making my banana bread.

So not to toot my own horn, but I make some really good banana bread. It always has been good. The last 2 times I have made it I tweaked the recipe (something I’m famous for…) and it sent my taste buds dancing (I’ll tell you the secret in a second)! I’ve always added vanilla and a little bit of applesauce to this recipe if it seemed too think. Sometimes the ripeness of the bananas can make a big difference in the consistency.

I don’t know where this recipe came from, I just know that none of my cookbooks have a simple banana bread recipe so I had to call my mother years ago when I first decided to try to become house-wifey. I wrote it on this teeny piece of paper…..and as you can see it’s well worn, faded, scribbled on…..Gosh I hope I don’t lose it. I really should rewrite it on a new piece, really. Can you see my motivation?

my messy looking recipe

So I gathered some of the ingredients and began mushing bananas and mixing away.

Some of my ingredients…
peels for the compost pile!
My so full bowl….it was ambitious making a triple batch at this hour of the morning

Now for the last, and not so secret ingredient….almond extract, oh how I love thee! You see, a few months ago I made banana bread and I ran out of vanilla so I substituted almond extract. Yup, that’s it, instead of vanilla I used almond. One teaspoonful to be exact. So now my banana bread has become – Banana Apple Almond bread….or something like that, and it’s so yummy!

I made 2 loaves of bread and then went for the muffins. I saw the mini muffin pan and thought that was a better idea. Then I still had some leftovers so I put the rest into the regular muffin pans too.

scooping out the perfect amount of batter for mini muffins

These little muffins came out so good, I’m wishing I had made more instead of 2 loaves.

Bite size!

Perfect for little hands too…



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6 thoughts on “Banana-rama Banana bread, YUMMERS

  1. LOL ! my husband called up his mother for the recipe to Coconut Sweetbread, and scribbled it on the back of a used envelope. I then stuck it in a notebook, and where I kept it. The next time I found it, I copied the recipe in two different notebooks, so that I can find it somewhere next time I need it!

  2. Oh those little muffins look delish! Never thought of using almond extract in banana bread. Sometimes the best tweaks come from running out of an ingredient.

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